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Catch the 1 train!

My short story duo "the 1 train: Glimpses of New York City" is now available!

It includes "the 1 train" paired in a new edition with "Best Seat in the House." The first is a contemplative take on love as two young men try to connect and navigate their attraction from differing perspectives, and the second is a wry and witty observation of a frugal night on the town when a young New Yorker attends an outdoor concert event. It is also FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

And remember if you have any thoughts on this or any of my stories, and have the time, please share them with other readers by leaving a review on Goodreads, Amazon, Bookbub, or any other retailer or book community site! Reviews are essential for emerging and independent authors and word-of-mouth can be the biggest component of an author's visibility and their continuing to put out new material.

Get "the 1 train" here:

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