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Happy Pride! All titles on sale!

As Pride Month comes to a close in the US, remember to take advantage of the current sale! All my books are on sale this month for 99 cents and I have a new release as well. 'All Tall Flowers' is a sweet historical short story. It is also 99 cents or read for FREE if you're a Kindle Unlimited user! Click on the image below to check it out. READ WITH PRIDE! Love to all!

England, 1910

It's Valentine's Day and Gareth, footman at the local manor, is determined to make his true feelings known for his companion, Robbie. Robbie has big dreams for his future and Gareth is hoping he can be a part of them. Armed with a box of chocolates, a solicitor's letter of good news, and hopeful determination, Gareth goes to meet Robbie for lunch. But will Robbie be as eager as Gareth to make their situation permanent? Or will the pressure of having to keep their love a secret be too much for their dreams to handle?

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